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I have been told I am hot too . I just turned 60. I do not ahve affairs, however.The way some of them go on and on about how much they love him I have come to the conclusion that some must be or are surely trying to get one going on! I used to go to a few of his concerts, but I got tired of how some of the more fervent female fans acted (more like *****), and now I rarely even attend any of his concerts. I have been told I am hot as well. I recently turned 60. I do not have affairs, however. Maybe Iam too moral for this century.
Bamacatgirl Bamacatgirl 61-65, F 2 Answers Oct 13, 2009

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I know a few girls he had affairs with and they are in their 20's. Don't be fooled by Peter with his innocent act. He also claims he doesn't drink when I saw him down a shot of some kind of alcohol. He's pathetic.

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I don't know, but he is still hot for 60 some years old!

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