So I was talking to one of my high school friends yesterday (now we're at Uni, and we live far away from each other) and suddenly she asked me whether I was in a relationship at the moment, knowing my boyfriend passed away almost 5 months ago.. My response was like "Omg, no... of course not..." and I said it in an anxious-angry-uneasy-worrying voice. Then she was like "just asking" but I stayed in a angry mood for rest of the night... Do you guys think I overreacted? Or did she ask me an inappropriate question? I love my ex BF and I didn't get through what happened yet :|
rosalievamp rosalievamp 18-21, F 3 Answers Feb 11 in Dating & Relationships

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take your time <br />
i get angry emotional and upset by the stupidity and heartless things others say i can stew on it for a week

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same here, I remember every single stupid thing others tell me...

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I always wish I had thicker skin lol

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