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for a friend you haven't spoken to for quite some time to presumably be too busy for even a quick chat in the next two months? LOL. It needs to be added this is a person that has regular access to a pc/internet and also he/she isn't trying to avoid me (I know this for a fact). What's the deal here, valuing your own time a little too much?
tooloaded tooloaded 22-25, M 1 Answer Apr 27, 2014 in Community

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I have wondered this myself. Everyone uses the phrase, "I'm busy" these days. I am usually the one who nurtures a relationship. After awhile it gets tiring.

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Precisely. I think that generally speaking we take time out for the things that matters to us. This example is just so ridiculous to me, who wouldn't have 20 minutes or so in a 2 months period to catch up with a friend.

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