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Absolutely. And when you finally find that, it's kinda eerie but wonderful. I didn't find someone who truly understood me and how I really think/feel until I was 35 (last summer)...he's still around and I hope, forever.

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But, it is a two way road...

Meaning, be open to be understood...

In order to achieve this, one must be very able to express oneself...So, COMMUNICATION becomes the quintessential element in this.

Once you express yourself in understandable terms...

Now, become available to understand the other person.

This is how you create/develop strong connections!

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Yes, I do, That's not the same as seeing things exactly as you see them though...but you can really know another person if the two of you are really compatible in many ways. It's pretty uncommon for people who haven't known each other for a very long time though.

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Yes and when I had that in my life I was happier than I can express with words.

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