Hmmm...... I'm not so sure, tbh. However, in some cultrues or based on other people's theories and understandings, they say that some of the animals (that exist right now) and the dinosaurs (even though they are extinct) are considered to be dragons.

For Examples:
Creature: Mole
Explanation: Mogura - 土竜 - (Earth Dragon); (even a mole cricket)

Creature: Seahorse (or Sea Dragon) (even a Hippocampus from Greek Mythology) (even Hippopotamus (which means "River Horse"))
Explanation: Tatsu-no-otoshigo - 竜の落し子 - (Dragon's Child)

Creature: Spiny Lobster
Explanation: Tatsuebi - 竜蝦 - (Dragon Lobster)

Creature: Dinosaur
Explanation: Kyōryū - 恐竜 - (Terrifying/Scary Dragon)

Creature: Pteradactyl
Explanation: Tsubasa ryū - 翼龍 - (Wing Dragon)

Creature: Plesiosaur
Explanation: Shuchō ryū - 首長竜 - (Head Dragon/Chief Dragon/Neck Dragon); (Even a Loch Ness Monster) (Loch means Lake in Scottish)

Creature: Brontosaurus
Explanation: Rairyū - (雷竜) – (Thunder Dragon)

Creature: Brachiosaurus
Explanation: Ude ryū - 腕龍 – (Arm Dragon); A Brachiosaurus can probably associate with water because scientist originally thought that the Brachiosaurus can live water because of the nostril on its head but they realized they made a mistake. (That's probably why they made brachiomon a water based card in the Digimon card battle PS1 game)

Creature: Tyrannosaurus
Explanation: - 暴君龍 - (Tyrant Dragon)

Creature: Komodo Dragon
Explanation: Komodo ryū - コモド竜 - (Komodo Dragon)

Creature: Crocodile/Alligator
Explanation: Wani - 鰐 - (Alligator/Crocodile); In Japanese mythology/Folk/Culture, a Wani is a sea monster that is considered to be Dragon in the form of a Crocodile/Alligator or Shark

Creature: Shark
Explanation: Wanizame - 鰐鮫 - (Alligator/Crocodile
Shark); See Explanation about the Crocodile/Alligator in this writing (Even Frilled Shark and Samebito)

Creature: Turtle
Explanation: Wanigame - 鰐亀 - (Alligator Turtle)

Creature: Naga
Explanation: A Naga (Nagas) is a humanoid snake

Creature: Snake
Explanation: Hebi - 蛇 (Serpent/Snake); Snakes are considered to be Dragons

Creature: Sea Serpent
Explanation: Orochi - 大蛇 - (Dragon/Serpent/Snake).

Creature: Yamata-no-Orochi
Explanation: Orochi - 大蛇 - (Dragon/Serpent/Snake); The Eight-headed Serpent (From Japanese Myth); (Even a Hydra from Greek Myth.)

Creature: Frilled Lizard
Explanation: Also called a "Frilled Dragon"

Creature: Kirin
Explanation: Part Dragon and Part Horse

Creature: Carp
Explanation: In Japanese/Chinese Culture, it is said that once a carp swims through the dragon gate or swims up to the top of the waterfall, it transforms into a dragon or a water dragon.

I don't know if this info that I'm sharing with you helps you or not, but if it really doesn't, then I'm sorry. I'm only trying help and I thought you might find interesting. Good luck. :(

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Were they? Yes. What other explanation could there be for every culture from the Vikings, to the ancient Chinese, to the Babylonians, ALL depicting a large fire-breathing lizard? I don't think there are any more nowadays, unless there's some fossilized eggs, or some DNA left in some subterranean cavern, that man has never seen, and probably never will.

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The obvious answer is to say heck no, are you crazy ?<br />
<br />
But myths and folklore are ba<x>sed on truths and half truths. People thought the Legend of Troy was a myth, but then Schliemann found it in the late 1800's. <br />
<br />
Dinosaurs have always been with us, but they did not learn about them until the 1800's either. <br />
<br />
I think that given enough time and some circumstances or perhaps developments in science that Atlantis will be proven to exist as well. <br />
<br />
If you read anything related to ancient worlds and ancient history by Zechariah Sitchin, he insists that Minotaurs and other half animal , half human animals existed during the days of Atlantis. Perhaps, flying dragons existed too.

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I would love to be able to believe in all the mythical and mystical creatures that are said to have existed, but I know in my heart that none of it's true. But the world has enough weird and wonderful creatures anyway :)<br />
<br />
And dinosaurs were reptiles, that it is often thought gave inspiration to the dragon myths when their bones were discovered. There were was nothing mythical about them, just animals that lived a really long time ago, some of which were very big :)

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I tend to think they existed. Skull fossils have been found that suggest a fire-breathing dragon.

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May have been something close. Like the Rock, a giant bird that could carry elephants. They found small elephants on an island near Italy, they only stood 3 foot tall.

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no, i dont think theyve ever been real

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Not as depicted when conjoined with civilization . . . Like knights in shining armor, etc.

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yes most of them are just misinterpretations of fossil remains

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I think they were just like all those mythological gods thor odin i beleve were anicent aliens

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What about Unicorns , wonderful mythical creatures !

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Yes. the only way to see them is through LSD.

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