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I think it depends. I think that the opposing personality trait in question has to be admired in some way.

For example, superficially, I may be seen as a selfish person. But deep down inside, I yearn to be a generous person. In that regard, I may be attracted to someone who's apparently generous because that's a trait that I admire; it's something I want to attain, so that's at least one reason why I want to be with that person. So a casual observer might note, "hey look, those two are really getting along, yet they're so opposite; one's quite selfish, the other is quite generous."

But if the personality trait in question is not something I admire deep inside and is completely opposite from mine, then I'm probably going to be put off by it. For instance, I'm a very tidy, organized person. I'm not convinced that I would ever enjoy living (or even just being) with someone who's a total mess; who likes tossing and leaving things around the house.

In other words, I don't think two people with almost totally opposite or similar personalities would make good couples. There are bound to be personality traits we admire deep down inside that oppose our own and those that are in line with our own.

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Personalities have that many differences that one cannot say that "the opposites" are between intro and extro(vert). There are situations within one could be introvert or extrovert, saying that that is not the same in all situations, it depends on the circumstances. This what I mention is jist one example. As everybody knows there are many more to think of. It is the case though that | opposites attract". But what opposites and in which circumstances......

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No, I don't. My husband's extreme introversion made life completely unbearable for my extroverted son and by extension miserable for my moderately introverted self as well. He hates having anyone over to the house anytime.

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I cannot attest to it, but I certainly feel they can be very attracted to each other. As an introvert, I love extroverts. They just seem so fun.

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