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I don't smoke but it honestly should be legal everywhere by now.

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I would hope they'd wait a while and see what really happens after more time.

Many companies still don't have to and won't hire drug users.

So they may smoke it legally and then go for a job, take the drug test and fail.

Will unemployment go up in the state due to this?

Will the money the state gets have to go to things like unemployment?

Will people who can't work resort to stealing in order to come up with the money to keep purchasing pot?

It is WAY too soon to begin making rash judgments.

Will more law enforcement be needed?

Will some folks without enough money to keep smoking begin to steal from others to get the cash? Or steal items to pawn for the cash?

Will some of these pot stores be robbed?

Let's let things play out before being rash.

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Huffing "Herbs" has been around a long time. The important part is that as your daughters get older and maybe go out with a guy that smokes, They won't be put in prison. I do hope that makes sense.

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Drugs don't make sense.

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Have you ever tried a little smoke? Willy Nelson says it works for him. Did you know that Nancy Reagan was a pain pill addict when she first said "Just say no", yes she was!

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You bring up a lot of good points.i agree let's wait and see what happens

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I hope not.

Cuomo is trying to bypass the correct legislative process (yet again) and legalize it.

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Eventually, they are getting a taste now with medical card fees in my state, greed and need will push for more sales

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Of course. The government is supposed to serve and protect the people, but they have evolved into a business that seeks a profit. It will not be long that they will find a way to make money off of weed like they have everything else.

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the feds should legalize it and pay off national debt

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and prostitution

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Alaska just announced today. The fake "reefer madness" is almost over. Smoke em if you got em.

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