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They can be unbiased about things, but not 100% objective. For example, if someone liked Billy madison better than Happy Gilmore, you wouldn't call that bias, however an objective person can see that Happy Gilmore is technically a better movie by film standards.

No matter what you cannot be 100% objective all the time. I'm pretty sure the first anthropolgists that heard about female genital mutilation, were sick tot heir stomachs.

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When someone talks to me about a situation I can totally see both sides of it. It's not difficult to be impartial about things at all.

However, I also don't have a need to make everything personal so I'm thinking that's a big part of it.

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I'm very good at looking at things objectively. I have to be in the right mindset though, and that's not always easy.

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those without emotions can be truly objective. but who's without it?

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