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My former supervisor removed me from her staff list, only 3 TA's for the whole biology department, I'm one of them and the only one qualified and experienced to help her out. She doesnt like the new guy am helping out for another course though. I guess I should be happy to have my workload reduced but I have a feeling I may have upset her by choosing to work with the new guy who is also my new supervisor and the only one qualified to supervise my graduate research in biotechnology.
AcousticAnne AcousticAnne 26-30, F 1 Answer Feb 19 in Community

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well at least I know what your up to hehe. You have quite a career path, don't worry you will show everyone !

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lol, well as a junior staff member I get picked on which is something i dont allow. The new guy is brilliant and around my age, also has a background in what i do. I have a feeling I wont be here longer than this year.

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