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Songs are catchy sure, and lone and break up songs are common, but when that s what your PRIMARILY known for and use it to humiliate the guy who has just as high as status as you...that rude...
smorepower smorepower 18-21, F 5 Answers Jan 17, 2013 in Hobbies

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Yes, but not because of her music. The fact that she goes through so many guys in such a small amount of time is going to ruin her reputation.

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yes she is going through so many guys in such in a small amount of time and she writes a song for every breakup she has. no wonder why taylor swift coudnt date michael j fox son!!! you need to fix ur self up taylor!! But im still a big fan and always will be!!

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what reputation so many young people theses days are just products no viable talent needed . I suspect a lot of media events are staged just to keep their names in the news Rihanna/chris brown and others comes to mind

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