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Yes. Look at your picture.


Perhaps not used by the media, but certainly affected by the media.

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my picture isn't being used by the media.

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yes absolutley, why not use men too i mean they give people a false idea of what sexy/beautiful is, that beautiful is flawless but thats unrealistic, im a dancer im around beautiful woman everyday but they all have flaws and personally i think scars and flaws are gorgeous to me its an imperfection on perfection.

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yes, beauty should not be a "brand" so to speak imo...everyone finds beauty in different things (unless they are brainwashed to believe that something is beautiful).

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yes. the female body, in it's idealized, flawless, unrealistic form, is used by the media all the time. just turn on the television, open a magazine, newspaper, look at a billboard, the internet, etc and all you see is gorgeous women...

personally, i have become somewhat immune to media's portrayal of women. i do not really find those women to be attractive. they look too fake to me. the truly stunning women are the "ordinary", real-life ones that the media rarely acknowledges..

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yeah...some things are just soooooo overused imo...and the "ideal" female form is everywhere...but i think the media kinda makes it look cheap i guess.

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I think the media does not think it is overused.

I think they are flustrated by the limits put on them by ratings rules and "good taste" guidelines.

I think they would carry it LOTS further, if they were allowed to.

I fine some of it interesting, titilating. I find others abusive and manipulative.

if the second overcomes the first, then yes, it is overused. it would if given a chance.

**** sells. goodytwoshoes lifestyle doesn't.

perhaps ads for the new military gay male, clothing ads with him as the focus.

perhaps fewer macho male tv and movie star males and more of real life males,

with bulging waists and gullets that waggle.

that would counterbalance the image, as a whole.

if only it would sell products through advertising.


i don't buy due to ads made interesting with the female form, i buy what i would already buy.

it's a waste, on me, but nonetheless i do find some of it delightful.

color me male.

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Yes. It's been said before here: women are beautiful and beauty catches the eye and sex sells and "money makes the world go round" for some people at least!

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I want to see more men in their y fronts or speedos used to sell everything from cars to donuts so we can gape and gawk at their junk the way men gape at ours. No balance there.

You are right Shannon but it's not going to change in our life time so how about at least some balance?

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well...i'd rather not see either...too many stereotypes in advertising...too much "this is beautiful" or "this is handsome"...and also just too much focus on the body itself...i guess it just so happens that the female one is used much more than the male.

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Yes...because female body are beautiful & it's easier to get public attention, in general.

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do you have a reason why not?

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