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Yes but only for food items like bananas.

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Nope. I think it would make great reality television to have the CEOs of some of these companies open their packages without the use of any "aids."

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I do wonder that myself, but it's by no means confined to packaging!

Cardboard drink cartons - slightest squeeze and there's fluid everywhere.

Plastic milk bottles: once opened the screw-on caps never seal so you can't put them on their sides or risk them falling over.

Biscuits - in very thin plastic sleeves designed to be opened by tearing (they don't) or cutting about 3 or 4 biscuits down - so you end up with those breaking all over the place.

Plastic sauce sachets with a little notch labelled "Tear here" - you can't tear them!

As for the same syndrome elsewhere...

Portable phones (cell phones in US): supplied without instructions, or if they are they are printed so small you need a lens to read the words, and the reproduced icons are just splodges of ink. Then they probably give nothing but a list of "features" anyway.

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I think so(: .

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They are made very hard to open to cut down on shop lifting I guess

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