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The worst thing that's happened is the uneducated response of my parents and myself to the real important things in life, not just morals, but how to get a life of happiness and fulfillment. As a child, I depended on my parents for guidance and it never happened. I grew up stupid and ignorant of all of life's pitfalls and the good things that one can acquire by taking the right steps. My parents must have been just as ignorant as I was. Even today, they don't seem to know what's needed to succeed except for having money. Not how to get the money. No, just work. Not what job or how to get a good paying job. No. We were left to figure it out without knowing where to get the answers or even that there were answers to be had. I've spent most of my life thinking I just wasn't meant to be anything but mediocre. It just seems to be nobody's fault my life didn't pan out and then it seemed too late. It was better for my own kids, but not enough. Now it's a requirement for the GKs.
donnaru donnaru 66-70, F 2 Answers Feb 28, 2012

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I'm not sure cheated is the right word, but people are not given equal footing. It's just the way things are.

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No. Live is fair.

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