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A user on here named DivergentDreams said that 2 months ago he saw in his local paper a headline story about a 17 year old male who was strangled by a nerd's thighs. he was found strangled in his car and the coroner concluded from the bruising he'd been choked between a pair of thighs. a witness said he was last seen with 3 people who looked like they were in the local chess club. I asked him if he was telling the truth he said yes. I asked for more info but he got tired. I said ''so, are you hoaxing?'' and he still said no.
nlt34 nlt34 22-25, M 1 Answer Apr 5, 2014 in Movies & TV

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I have reason to believe that the tale you are relating is true in every sense of the word because in the village of Knerdsville in close proximity to where my brother in law resides every other tuesday we heard of such an incident. The man who was seen wearing light brown sandals & a kimono stated that he had seen the body himself & had sh*t himself on the steps of the town hall where the said chess matches were rumoured to have taken place. The police dont suspect foul play at this point.

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