***The issue in question: It's not uncommon for people to delete whole conversations they've had with me.*** This is rarely because of outright insults or personal attacks on my part [i've never once been warned, reported or flagged that i know of], because although sometimes i can be a tactlessly direct or even confrontational, i am basically Socratic in my manner. I've always presumed that it's a matter of pride for the deleter, and related to their need to save face, or hide a perceived humiliation, because it's always followed some sort of dispute over meaning or a particular claim. And i enjoy these exchanges a little too much because the pleasure i get from them comes from a fairly low instinct. But somehow i can't seem to help myself. Sometimes i feel like i should try to be a little more patient and gentle. Then at other times i feel like there's no other reason for me to be on EP.
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People who get offended are just insecure. Wouldn't put any weight on it, worrying about it give others power over you.

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Heh heh heh

K then...

Of course your never gonna please everybody all the time but after that I note that more often than not people want to communicate not have the "proper" course laid out for them when soliciting "advice".

A "fortune teller" who wants to make money tells the audience what they'd like to hear just like the traits in newspaper astrology are things we'd like to think about ourselves regardless of the sign attributed to them.

Of course I'm oversimplifying a bit but the idea is worth considering.

Also Socrates was a bit beyond the pale in more than intellect as I understand it and I find I easy subjectify myself onto others in my expectations which is most always an exercise in frustration for all parties concerned.

Much like this reply.

Ich weiss das Ich nicht weiss.

I do know that at least.

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i am kind of a deranged cartoon socratic turtle - but it's quite possible socrates deserved his hemlock, as nietzsche wondered

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slightly concerned.......but not enough to impair yur sleep patterns

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Make like water off a duck's back. If people can't withstand your might then keep on moving with humiliate adversity. Though be mindful of your power, it comes with great responsibility.

Though...what exactly happened?

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nothing much that hasn't happened many times before - i wasn't upset, just reflecting, because my troll impulses are weakening a little and i thought i'd see what a couple of people thought

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As long as you aren't hurting anyone (the truth hurts, but that is acceptable).

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yeah, but the problem is that when one uses the truth as a weapon it very quickly loses its razor edge

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