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No. I'm part of a great experiment, and this is not a privilege. It's my birthright.

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Life on planet earth is part of an amazing set of events that made life possible to flourish here. I feel that I am being used as a sensory apparatus for the cosmos. It's pretty hectic.

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Yes, my life and those of all human beings.

We start our life up here and continue eternally

in other worlds of God with exciting discoveries.

God continuously sends down His Messengers

from Age to Age to teach our ancestors and the

generations to come about this miracle, this privilege,

this supreme purpose of His creation.

See how we are carrying forward an ever-advancing

civilization on earth. How we broaden our vision,

our we create means for fathoming the boundless

physical and spiritual worlds.

The more we live, we will recognize the greatness

of God; the longer we exist we will be amazed

with His glory.

With the Internet, we are starting to share thrilling discoveries

and to enjoy more marvelous inventions.

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No, but some times I trip out on the thought

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No and No.

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Yes and No

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No and No.

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