I love my best friend and I'm terrified that one day we won't be friends anymore.
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Friends come and go.. but the ones who love you most stay. … yeah Im deep.

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No. Though he is my best friend for years and years. We only see each other once every few months with a few emails and FB comments here and there.

For practical purposes I could consider my wife as my best friend instead just because we do so much together.

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I am my own best friend and I hate him

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Thought I had a good friend but was proved wrong, turned out to be a different person to whom I first met!

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Yes, I am attached to my laptop.

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but that terror might get in the way

and you'll end up losing your friend

work on your fear

.............. let it go

.................... enjoy what you have

....................... it won't last forever, sorry.

respect, from robbie

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I'm never too attached. I'm always far away.

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yes i do i think that me and my best friend get along and we care about each other we also have different likes it makes our friend ship better

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