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shawnhooper shawnhooper 51-55, T 4 Answers Jul 13, 2010

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If I could be immortal and live forever on earth. OF COURSE I WOULD!!!<br />
<br />
I'd take it in an instant. It's bad enough we barely get only a hundered years to do things and we only exist for a short time. I want to do as much and learn as much of the world as humanly possible, to obtain as much knowledge as I can get. Why would anyone not want that, oh I know. That whole "outliving your loved ones" mess eh, well what if you don't have the loved ones and just want to see the world. If you outlive people then eventually more opprotunity will come to you without the worry of getting too old to enjoy things.

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NO absolutely NOT!

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If I lived long enough to stay on earth forever, I'd be killed

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