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NobodytoKnow NobodytoKnow 18-21 3 Answers May 7, 2012

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hello, NobodytoKnow <br />
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i guess that your question makes it clear that you feel abused ..... i am sorry that life has been so unkind to you. we all deserve a life free of abuse and filled with mutual respect. there is a place for being a child all thorough our lives... but we also need to be in control of ourselves as adults, in order to keep ourselves safe and to be able to develop. becoming infantile might make you more open to abuse from those who do not respect you..... i hope you find better ways to take care of yourself. with my respect, from robbie

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Let them freak out. Who cares. You will be ok. Let go of your past. WE are all children in grown up bodies. We are the same person we were when we were a child just tainted and corrupted. We must find that child we were before the corruption.

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