He's taken all financial records out of the house and controls the money by leaving it in a credit union at his workplace. When I pay a bill, he has me calling him so he can put the money in the checking account. He wants the house in an affluent city that I found on my own and put my money for the down payment. I've worked up until the 3 days before the birth of my 1st baby. Throughout the years I have worked numerous jobs and he never put any money into my retirement account. He didn't have any money when I married him. I thought he was kind, but no more. After domestic abuse for 3 years, I moved out. Everytime I tried to move back in, he would tell me my youngest one would run away. Now a year is up and I was told he wanted a divorce immediately. I've been had. I went into this marriage of 27 years with over $250k. Now I have no money, no house, no family for emotional support. I want to die but I can't then he wins. He would get everything if I was dead. The younges child will be 18 in 5 months. No custody issues. I feel lost, numbed by his deceit.
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in a divorce you do discovery and get all of that financial information. and depending on the state, for x amount of years you get half. talk to an attorney. lots of attorneys have free consultation.

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From your story, betrayal is putting it lightly.

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Of course! What a betrayal! My heart goes out love!

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