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I do like the insane variety of questions at Yahoo. But el has a quicker response time

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What????? Our questions aren't insane enough for you???? Seriously?

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i leave YA recently because not like new format, also receive many violations unfairly, some behalf of old answers and questions.

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At least, you can use YA (and AB), because your account has never been locked.

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Yahoo. The posters there have better grammar and ask much better questions.

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i like them both equally but what i like about ep is you dont have all those limits and people give you feedback when you answer a question, i like ya cause i like helping people out with their problems and theres more of that there than here in ep

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1. Facebook

2. BBC

3. YouTube

4. Hotmail

5. Games

6. eBay

7. News

8. Google

9. Yahoo

10. Bebo

Surely I can't be the only one that realises something is missing off this ****!ng list....?...!!

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Not everyone knows about us. It's okay. I like us as we are.

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