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If you eat what you kill or hunt to keep dangerous animal pops. down I'm ok with ya (as long as you make a good effort to track down what ya wound)

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My people don't hunt. I can't imagine trying to relate to someone who wants to run around in the woods and kill things, it seems ridiculous.

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Hey I for one can not look Bambi in the eye and pull the trigger but if you can then can I have some

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I do not approve of hunting .... don't see how it can be a "Sport" when the animals don't have a gun to shoot back or a bow 'n arrow etc ... seem like their is a big advantage to the human with the weapon(s) ....

I don't believe that anyone HAS to hunt anymore ; BUT I believe that some people do for the THRILL of the kill .....

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I grew up with a family that hunted..

As long as the meat is used it's fine by me..

Of course because of watching the process I don't eat meat

but I do cook it for my hubby

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I have no problem with it as long as it's not just because they like killing things. Wasteful hunting I'd find a hard time accepting, but killing pests or food is fine.

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