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People don't channel entities from other worlds. they channel demons from another dimension.

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Everything is One. There is only the One. But the One manifests itself as an infinite number of entities in an infinite number of worlds in an infinite number of dimensions. And the entities can be benevolent, malevolent or neither. There are orders upon orders of beings at every level of creation. Some people can communicate directly with some entities, while others can channel specific entities. We attract entities that have similar energy signatures to ours. That is why people at a low level of spiritual evolution are warned against interacting with these entities. It is all very interesting. The universe is at once quite complex and completely simple.

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Nope. There is the Creator and the Created. The created are divided into those in the Universe realm Humans and the Spiritual dimension Angels. God the Creator is separate from both humans and Angels and His will is for contact between Angels and Humans only to occur when He wills it. And only in the way He wills. God has made it clear that we humans should never seek contacts with beings in the Spiritual dimension by channelling or any other occult methods. Those who disobey Gods will in this area lose the protection that God can afford them from the evil works of those spiritual dimension beings that are in rebellion against Gods will.

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yes for sure.

as far as their location is concerned I believe they are all and everything is universal.

wow, would love to hear your experiences :)

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