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I drive my neice to and from school some days those parents are scary with their minivans and crap. I was parked and some lady in this ford explorer tried cramming it into a small spot behind me i kept watching the whole time cringing
Rotny Rotny 26-30, M 4 Answers Oct 30, 2012 in Community

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Yep, that's what the shotgun is for.

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No, but it reminds me of when I had to go into the city (I HATE the city) and someone was parallel parking in front of me and backed into my car. I rolled down my window and said, "Hey, mister! You just hit my car."<br />
<br />
He put his head out the window and said, "I know, I know! Don't yell at me! And then drove away."

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Yes, my fingers meld into the steering wheel.

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