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Miked43 Miked43 46-50, M 3 Answers Jul 6, 2014 in Embarrassing & Funny

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I've never seen it, but my wife told me about one time she went to the dentist and was wearing high heels and black RHT pantyhose under her jeans. The nurse took her coat when she got into the room before she sat in the dentist chair and asked if there was anything else she could do to make her more comfortable. Before my wife could even respond, the nurse looked down at my wife's shoes and said "Why don't we just take these off, that way you can relax and we wont have to worry about the chair getting ruined." She then took off my wife's shoes and commented on how she doesn't see nylons with jeans very often. My wife told her she had just come from work and didn't want to sit in the dentist chair with her skirt on so she changed into jeans but left her pantyhose on. She then commented that she liked how the reinforced toes looked, and that she could still see her toes were painted red. She then grabbed my wife's toes on one of her feet (she left out which one when she told me the story), this made my wife yelp and jerk her foot back a little. The nurse said, "I'm sorry, are your feet ticklish?" My wife said, "yeah, very, and the nylons make it like 10 times worse." The nurse then smiled and said "oh yeah?" she then started scribbling her fingers all over my wife's extremely ticklish, nylon clad feet. Now when my wife gets tickled on her feet, she doesn't burst out laughing, she just starts to giggle, which is probably why nobody came into check out what was going on. The nurse used both hands, one for each foot. She kept tickling while my wife flayed her feet around. It lasted about 5 seconds. The nurse then stopped and said, "sorry, couldn't resist." She then picked up my wife's shoes and coat and said. "I'll just take these up to the front desk so nobody trips over them. My wife then sat there contemplating what just happened, then decided it was all innocent enough. The dentist then came in started doing his prep work while talking to my wife and telling her what he was going to be doing as he was putting the devise in her mouth to keep it open. Then the nurse came in and gave my wife a little wink. This made my wife start to rub her feet together subconsciously. This caught the dentist's attention and he then noticed my wife wasn't wearing any shoes. He then said, "Oh, I see you've made yourself comfortable." He started looking around on the floor and then said "Where are your shoes?" The nurse told him that she took them up to the front desk. He said "good idea. I don't think I've ever seen nylons like that before" He then wheeled his chair down by her feet and looked at them for a couple seconds, then said, "you have very pretty feet." The nurse then said, "and they're ticklish too." "Really?" The dentist then looked at my wife and grabbed her ankle and started scratching his fingers up and down the bottom of her foot. My wife couldn't pull her foot away so all she could do was just curl her toes and laugh. He only did it for a second or two. He stopped and then said, "yep, they are." Then wheeled his chair back up to the head of the chair and started doing his work as if nothing had happened. When they were done my wife walked up to the front desk in her stocking feet. She paid her co-payment and then she asked for her shoes. The receptionist gave her a funny look. My wife told her that the nurse took her shoes off and brought them up there. The receptionist then gave my wife a sympathetic look and said, "yeah, she does that sometimes. Did she tickle you too?" My wife then asked if that was a common occurrence. She told my wife that she does that to help patients relax, but it mostly just makes them want to never come back. When my wife told her the dentist tickled her too, she told her that was a first. She then found my wife's shoes and gave them back to her. As she was putting them back on, the receptionist asked if she would like to make another appointment in 6 months, my wife looked at her for a moment and told her she would call when she was ready for another appointment. She has never been back.

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I definitely do .I think any foot play is all right. It must have something to do that its probably the most innocent of places another guy could touch on her. I have got a pretty good story. Hit me back if your interested.

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I'd love to hear!

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