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Does anyone else feels like going to a very dark complete black space where no one can see you and immediately break down and start crying so badly and heavily and wildly that if someone saw you then you would be immediately admitted to a mental hospital but still you would be satisfied becoz you cried to your heart's consent,by your heart's consent and with your heart's consent?
AksharGoyal AksharGoyal 13-15, M 2 Answers Aug 23 in Health

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you sound like me when I was 12,13, 14 years old (middle school) around that time, I used to say that I wanted to go back to where I was crying in my room by the window or something because I've grown so attached to that room or the "four walls" as my big brother ones mentioned. In my case I had to learn how to get out of that room and open up to people and no matter what never give up. You can cry and whine/complain about how unfair the world is and how cruel people are~ but there's more to life than crying about all the small things if ya just get out of that room and meet some new people. Much of your journey in life (when you're an adult) will leave you with very little advice and people to go to "for help" take advantage of being young still and make lots of friends and open your heart (it takes practice) because it's gonna get pretty rough when you hit 18,19 or whenever you graduate from high school. take it easy bud, and best of luck!

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u r right but still i want to hear from those who actually feel that this is the best thing one could have ever done

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