only so they can loan it back to us later with interest.....?
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sounds like another has discovered the true currency of this country. Debt.

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Sick F)cks

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nothing the government does surprises me anymore

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We owe a great debt to those that came before and crafted the benefits of the world that we live in. Almost all of them have passed on though, and cannot accept payment.

The truth is though, no matter where you are born or what you do, there is a government out there somewhere that insists that you owe them, whether you choose to be a part of the system or not. No one chose to be born, we know that much. Additionally, if you choose not to be a part of the system, don't be surprised if it then promptly tries to run you over, it's just business.

True liberty is an illusion. In reality, we all trade liberty for well being, and you're most likely a fool to do otherwise. The only question is how much to trade.

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No it's par for the course! Banks are part of the establishment without them they wouldn't exist!

If you think about it democracy is a bit of an illusion really because when crisis hits it's suspended and the government does what it needs to (or should that be wants). The fact that we vote is also illusory because we only get a slightly different flavour of the same thing.

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