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I want a baby and young age is relative. My wife and I finally got married after being together forever. Now she is pregnant with twins. It is going to be a lot of hard work and we have hired a nurse but we are committed to making everything out. Babies are expensive. Strollers, diapers, changing tables, rocking chair, toys, clothes, doctor visits all cost a lot and babies take a lot of time. Even with a lot of planning and help it can be hard but we think it is worth it. Good luck to you if you are taking that step.

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I have two kids. It will kick your ***. I really mean that. I have NO life outside my kids. I love them but seriously, you have no idea how much it sucks sometimes and how you will be really really stuck. It's not like a job you can quit once you realize you don't actually like staying up all night listening to someone cry.

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I know. I have basiclly raised 2 boys. I raised both my brothers. I raised them myself, I fed, ut them to sleep changed diapers, everything. My mom was always gone at work and my step dad was an ignorent guy who only cared of himself and left to go smoke while I was stuck at home. I bleive theres no greater gift than a child. Im ready and I know what to expect and what im getting into. I want it all.

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You know, everyone's going to tear you apart and put you down on here because they're scared of how much presure this will be for someone your age. The truth is you may be an unbelievably mature young person with a lot of love to give who will make a wonderful parent. I don't want to attack your character. You need to think this through really well, though, before you make any decisions. This is not a gift to you, but a young person you will need to give a good home to. My husband and I are working three jobs between us and we still can't afford health insurance. I thought things would get easier once my kids were school age but this is in some ways the toughest time yet. I feel guilty that my kids can't be in lessons or camp at the Y. You will be raising not a baby, but a human being you can hopefully put through college. Most of us miss the years you guys are about to enter- the time as young adults when you get to have adventures. If you become a parent early you will miss that and you may resent that later. Just prove your maturity by being wise and considering the needs of your future child/children carefully. Statistically children of teenagers do not do as well.

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Hmm...some people have the urge to and some don't. I'm only 15, and my bf is 17. I'm sure he would like to be a daddy one day haha as for me? I have no urge.

I wanna follow my dreams and live my life, and if having a family seems right then I'll do it, waaaay down the road though. Even if you really do have the right girl, I'd highly consider waiting. Enjoy your life before starting another one. Create memmories,etc. I'm not saying don't do it, but I am saying to wait.

If I were you, I'd save up a ton of money before having a baby. I'm not talking about $1,000, or even 5k.

I'm talking at least a good 10-15k. We all know how this world gets, and money is the key ya know? So perhaps you can wait until your 25-30yrs old, and in the mean time just save money up ya know? That's something to do until your older :)

alot of people may think they are ready,maybe your not? Even if you are, you deserve to live your life for a while,mature even more,etc. Go have a good time and enjoy life with your gf, go do something crazy. Like skydiving :) you still have plenty of time to start a family. Perhaps you can even wait 5-10yrs and just save a ton of money up during that time haha....just imagine having like 50k+ when your ready to have a baby, you could stay home and raise your son/daughter and that 50k can pay rent for quite a while eh? And wow this is long! Haha I'll shut up now =*)

Point is, it's best to wait. Don't just be prepared, be BEYOND prepared. Live your life,save like 10-50k, then start a family. I know you don't need 50k, but just imagine how much easier it would be? Incase you ever lost your job, you can still provide for your family. Or even if you wanna stay home for a year and help raise him/her, 50k would be a GREAT help right?

Good luck, and have plenty of time =*) sorry for making this long! Haha...I'm retarded xD

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No offense to you, but few are ready, especially at a young age. Respectfully, it's not just about what you want---the child has a right to certain things besides love: a stable home, an education, and as calm and secure a life as parents can provide. It's difficult enough once you're established. I'm not trying to be discouraging, but hopefully you asked so people would be honest with you.

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are you serious.... you must not know how hard it is. my son is 17, he is soo against babies because of my 2 yr old. best birth control !!

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Im 17 and I know what im doin so why comment if you dont fit this..

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you being nasty w/ your comment, when I was just trying to say, have fun while you are young!!--- shows your age!!-to young!!!!

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hello, BrandonAndKirstin1,

you married and planning to stay that way?

you gotta your own home?

you gotta good job and regular income

........... enough to support three.

then fine...go for it.

if you are planning to live off your folks or take state benefits

............ nah.. you need to do some growing up first.

respect, from robbie

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