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keeva keeva 46-50, F 6 Answers Dec 4, 2012 in Emotional Health

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That's why I switched from L i p i t o r ® to a (mostly raw) vegan diet. When a so-called 'Wonder-Drug' precludes me from eating grapefruit, requires a liver-function tests and generates a kick-back to my doctor for prescribing it, I start to wonder.

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uhg.. I totaly understand. I get past the side effects with the hope that eventually I will get used to the meds and side effects will disapate. What kind of meds are we talking about here? Im on suboxone which is for opiate addicts and it causes major side effects and withdrawal.. But it helped me get clean so I am thankful for that . Its been hard but im still on the meds. Sorry you have to go through this, it sucks

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Yes and I research natural ways to treat conditions and use it as much as possible. I don't know why but doctors will sit down with their presc<x>ription pad and write out one or more presc<x>riptions rather than clue their patients in on diet or other treatments that could be highly therapeutic for treating the condition. I've talked to two different people at a store where I worked who were limping painfully to the pharmacy to pick up a presc<x>ription for gout medicine. Both told me how painful it was and neither were advised by their doctors on the gout diet which avoids certain protein foods and includes foods like cherries, dark cherry juice & strawberries to help neutralize the uric acid levels.<br />
<br />
Nearly all pharmaceutical medications have side effects that will effect certain people more than others, it's a big risk and experiment to take them.

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