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I got laid from a strictly platonic ad. Seems like all w4m casual encounters ads are all spam or paid companions.

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I am a woman in Ontario (Canada). I've met a few guys off Craigslist "casual encounters" and Plenty of Fish. There are a lot of guys who are looking for women, but get spammed or have guys contact them. There are so many guys out there, so I had to screen out guys. It may depend on the woman, but I screened out guys who had poor punctuation. Again, it depends on the woman, but I liked all the **** shots I received.

My experiences varied from fabulous to just "ok."

I arranged to meet one guy in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. We drove to another parking lot (of an apartment building) and I gave him a blow job while he squeezed my breasts. He was a good looking native guy and I enjoyed myself a lot.

Another guy I met, I went to his place of work. I answered his CL ad to be watched while he ***********. Perhaps I got all caught up in the excitement because I ended up sucking him off topless. He came all over my chest. He was a caucasian guy who wanted me to watch him have sex with a guy (this is a fantasy of mine, but we could never coordinate this).

These two encounters never involved intercourse.

In late 2009, I met a couple on for a MFF *********. The couple were average in bodyshape, but had a tremendous time. The other woman and I licked and sucked each other. We even used a double-ended *****. In this encounter, there was intercourse. The guy ****** and came inside me for a ********. The woman was wild for those and licked me clean afterward.

I'm tested regularly and I'm clean.

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Never really checked it out. No reason to as I am married anyway. But it would stand to reason that it attracts a LOT of spam, escorts, etc etc.

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No but actually did meet someone from an adult site, and honestly it was a awesome experience, but difficult to sort through the bullshit folks.

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I have done. It is possible but yeah 90% of the emails you get are spam.

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