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I'm trying to do a protein-and-veggies diet since I now eat my feelings instead of smoking them (cigs, not crack) and have started noticing my resemblance to a meatball. This is not acceptable, as I live at the beach and summer months are quickly approaching upon us. A few things to keep in mind: I am poor. Not desolate..I mean I have internet and all my utilities are on, but you know. I am alone in this quest, so I will be shopping for one. The only supermarket here is Save-A-Lot so nothing too exotic like mangosteens and urucu. I realize I can look up lists online. I am busy and would like advice from a real live person, not a health blog personality that somehow has the time to control every aspects of their families' diets, create their own eco friendly laundry detergent and master all 500 uses for baking soda. Thanks! :)
arcadecara arcadecara 26-30 2 Answers May 17, 2012

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Did you seek out Whole Foods market?

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I've done the paleo diet.<br />
Things to avoid<br />
Beans<br />
Corn<br />
Squash. These are known as the three sisters. Also potatoes and bread. As for meat cook venison, buffalo, fish, or other wild game. Try to avoid beef and pork. <br />
If you want some recipes still let me know and I will try to dig them up.

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