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This is a call to discuss and debate what is positive influence that leads to better human behavior. How does anyone make that decision? We live in a country based on a principle of freedom of choice provided responsibility is part of the equation. I guess my question really is what is the best method to help change a person? Punishment vs reward or something else. I also want to know do you think that people are born bad, learn a behavior or are traumatized to the point the act up in ways that are not in their best interest. Also I want to know if anyone out there has been able to grow up with positive influences and behaviors and how you were able to do it?
TheDouble357 TheDouble357 36-40 5 Answers Jul 2, 2012

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I recently took an organizational behavior class (how humans interact within an organization on individual group and organizational levels). In that class when we covered this topic after a simple in class experiment we showed that a combination of both effective rewards AND effective punishments is more effective than either alone to modify behavior.My view of humanity has always been that humans are not intrinsically good, or evil, we just are. I believe that within all of us there is potential for both good and evil, we simply choose which of these two is expressed. As for the best method to "make a good person" I think teaching at a very young age the importance of both personal and social responsibility, instilling those ideals as early as possible is best.

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your so confused on the issue that i can only hope you don't hurt yourself.....much less the people you deal with - till you figure it out.........shheeesshhh......

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