I have tried it with my husband once and liked it but I had to be really drunk to do it. To me it hurt like hell...any ideas?
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There is an interesting article about relaxing muscles prior to having anal sex, and related articles at

Step 2 Wash the anus and surrounding area. You must make sure this area is as clean as possible before penetration. Wash the penis as well, just as thoroughly.

Step 3 Massage the anus and surrounding area. The anus will contract when you first touch it, preventing entry. You need to get the anal muscles to relax prior to any insertion.

Step 4 Lubricate the anus with a water-based lubricant or saliva. Gently massage the anal ring with light circular strokes. Push gently in on the anal ring, but do not penetrate the anus. Continue doing this, and you will feel the muscles relax and the anus open up.

Step 5 Start inserting the tip of a lubricated finger into the anus when it is relaxed. Do not move your finger around, just push it in slowly and do not push too far.

Step 6 Continue doing these steps for a few encounters at least. When your partner has become comfortable with the idea, they will relax, making it easier for you to relax the muscles in the anus, which will make anal sex easier.

Step 7 Get to the point where his/her anus is relaxed enough for penetration, and start slowly. Allow the receiver to be in a position to control how far the penis is pushed, and slowly insert.

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I must disagree with haters here, if it is done properly, it can be an intimate bonding experiance that you both enjoy, however if done wrong, it can be painful. I cant say im an expert but i have done it enough to know if you dont trust him or you dont feel comfortable, your going to be in agony, Also reading the comments here someone said about water based lube, in my opinion you might aswell not use lube at all, it dries up too quick, silicone based lubes good.

Starting: ... Again in own personal experience... im no expert

be in the right mood for it, no stress, no anger, no tiredness. gotta be up for it and a lil horny

be in your comfort zone, you should be guiding to make you feel safe.

1)be well lubricated, not just him but you aswell!!!! ... <BIGGGG PART thats how my first time messed up and i accidentally hurt her.

2) anal play or just something to loosen it up a bit, could be with fingers, toys or even tongue if your man enough... i sadly am not :L

3) when starting to put the penis in, do it very slowly and 1 inch at a time

if not working revert back to the play until you are ready

i think thats my full knowledge on it however minimal it is i hope it helps, its a slow proces, if you dont personally enjoy it dont do it, and dont get forced into it

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I have had a number of women anally and most enjoy it immensely. The trick is to see it as something for her - as with anything that you do when you make love to a woman. I like to caress a girl's *** and inner thighs while I eat her out. The perineum - between the *** and the ***** is particularly sensitive. From there caressing around the anus is a natural progression. Some girls may be reluctant at this point but if they are getting first rate *********** and have their mouths full of your **** they will just go with the flow and enjoy it.

From there gradually insert your finger into the anus, making sure that it is good and wet with saliva. Do not go more than a very short distance; then do it at the same time as you finger **** her *****. After your woman is used to this and looks forward to it, you can introduce lube. Then you will be able to slide your finger in all the way. Just be guided by her enjoyment. Eventually she will naturally learn to evert her anal sphincter to accept your finger and slowly gain more control. This cannot be rushed - though practicing techniques of controlling the sphincter muscle outside sex will help, she might as well practice them during sex: it is a lot more fun. I did not know about the swallowing trick: it sounds good - but still unnecessary.

Remember all the time that you are doing this you will be giving her a fantastic licking; you are training her to associate anal stimulation with the greatest pleasure that she already knows. Eventually she will be ready to take your **** - and she will love it. I had one girlfriend who much preferred anal to vaginal sex.

I hope a lot of people follow my advice: lots of women want to try anal sex but never get a chance because they do not have a good guide. By the way, if you are one of these ladies, drop me a line. I live in Australia but travel a lot. I am cultured, very well-educated and multi-lingual. (Some lady friends aver that I am indeed a very cunning linguist.) I am also handsome, tall and powerfully built. Though now in middle age I can easily pick you up and throw you over my shoulder. (And yes I would love the challenge.)

On the other hand, you are most likely to get the best out of this by advice by showing it to your husband or boyfriend. If he pays careful attention and it works, let me know. The though of another pretty lady out there enjoying the sensation of a smooth hard penis in her tightest, smoothest passage and just loving it (an you will) would bring pleasure to my heart.

Good luck


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I like this, but don't make it sound like a chore, or the ladies will wonder why bother when entering the **** is so easy...

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Lube. Lots of it..... Did I mention to keep the lube on hand because you may need more lube??

And YOU need to be in control of the penetration, not him!

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use a lot of lube, other wise the her bum hole will bleed, make sure you plan when you are going to do it, so the girl can insert her finger in her *** the day before, so it will be stretched a bit more than normal so the man can get it up there easier.

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the key is to relax, it doesnt hurt if you relax and have your partner insert his penis slowly

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bohemianbeauty is an idiot not every guy likes giving oral, but we do it (well i enjoy all types of sex)

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My fiance and I have been talking about trying anal and we are both doing research so we know how to do it the right way without hurting. Ive Learned a lot for one Lube, two to begin with his finger/or tongue massaging my anus. and the slowly working his penis in. He is at least 11in is there anything else that i need to know?? Will he be able to enter his penis all the way in?? Because usually he cant enter his penis all the way in when we are have vaginal sex because it hurts me to much. Also i read somewhere that when he has worked his way in and im comfortable that i can flex those muscles to add extra tightness to his penis. Is this True?

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I plan on receiving it from my wife with a ***** and have been traing my ******* with a small ***** an nght in my bed it hurt at first but now I can take it in wthout lube

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take a nice **** shaped ***** and lube it up. lube your anus and gently work the ***** in. go at your own pace. work it in a little bit at a time. push it in a little, pull it back a little, push it in again to where you stopped. let your anus adjust to that. then when your ready, push the ***** in a bit more. do this until you can take the whole thing and move in smoothly in and out like you are *******. then the penetration by the penis will be completely painless and the anal sex will feel great.

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When u do anal sex how many times you have to do it so she can get use to it

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took me three time isat down on to control pentration and used lub

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Anal sex (for me) is wonderful. I love receiving it. You can't just decide "Yeah, lets do it right now!", No. To do it right it must be planned for and prepared for. First thing you'll need to do is poop. If you need help in that area, it's called an enema. It's all about 'making room', if you know what I'm talking about. (LOL). And then a wonderfully warm shower.

Those nice little circular massage things: Need to be done by a tongue. The person doing it just needs to get over being squeamish about it. OMG, it feels so wonderful! And yes, lots and lots of lubricant. Use water based if you can.

Once the head of the penis penetrates you, STOP. WAIT for about 30 seconds. THEN have him

S L O W L Y push it inside you. When he does this I want you to flex your anus as though you're pushing out a large turd (LOL)

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Wash yourself , or let him. Then get soom lube . I like Astroglide. Start out with a finger . Only put in enough to feel it inside you. Work that for awhile. Relaxe and after this feels ok . Go deeper untill the whole finger is in. When you get used to it start another finger the same way. When you get use to that your on your way. Make sure you dont have any sharp finger nails. Use rubber gloves, Use a lot of lube , the more the better. If you realy want it you can pratice on your own.

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so i have to ask why do u want to do it if it hurts ,for him obviously and not 4 u then i would question exactly the sort of man your with.mmmm do u think he realy cares about u if he insites on u lerning how to confortibly do it for his own pleasure. i think u deseve better treatment

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It helps that ur partner sucks on your *** for a little bit then as he is playing with your **** or ***** starts fingering your *** with lube of course, then after he ***** you and his **** is semi then he can **** you in your ***, ooo it feels sooo good, pleasure and pain, it rocks

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...pain? :S

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I agree with all of the answers however to be specific with your question, once you have done what curioussufer and creamsicle is that when the act of penetration and you feel the start of the forward movement is to do the act of swallowing your saliva and this permits your spincters muscle to relas as you swallow. I've taught this to my wife and the first time she tried it actually worked and she was astonished that it did work as I spoke to her. We have been together and we are healthy with no complication what so ever.. Best of luck with all your endeavors.

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Yes, today I experienced anal sex for the first time!!! I really enjoyed it it didnt hurt as much as i thought it was. Ok so all you have to do is drink get buzzed not drunk just enough to make you relaxed. Get in the showere with your man and tell him to be gentel after its in and it starts feeling better you can increase the speed and enjoy :).

-Shortylikes penis Inbootyhole:)

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