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We are having a music show/concert in 2 months and we will be singing a Korean song called Lights Go On Again. However, we can't find a good instrumental without back vocals, because we will be singing it in English and not in Korean, while the back vocals are actually in Korean. Therefore, we need to find an instrumental without vocals at all ><" So I am trying to look for someone who can make it. But strangely, Google and Youtube were not of help this time -.-'' Please if you know someone tell me !! Thank you
BasmaM BasmaM 16-17, F 1 Answer Nov 21, 2012 in Music

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I think you can use Audacity to do it, I know there are some videos on Youtube telling you how to do it. Just search: How to make instrumental with Audacity

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All the instrumentals made by Audacity are kept with the back vocals because Audacity has the ability of reducing vocals only. That's why the back vocals would still be present :/

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Oh I see, that sucks :(

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