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When I remember stuff that happened, then in that case yes.

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I learnt long ago not to spend to much time in bed. In fact the less time i spend in bed, the better i sleep. I try and avoid sleeping in, even in the weekends. If I find that i get too many bad nights in a row, i stay up really late for a few night.... till i am very tired, then i sleep better. Things to help

1. Avoid alcohol at night. A glass is ok. You will fall asleep quickly, but wake up after a few hours

2. Avid anything sweet before bed.

3. Cover your alarm clock. Don't keep looking at the time.

4. exercise, but not within three hours of bed

5. Bed is only for sleeping and sex... ie no TV, and you should not really read in bed either.

6. if you cant sleep, get up and read a dull book. Don't do anything exciting

7. Keep your room cool.

8 If you wake and suddenly think of something you need to do, of should have done, get up and write it down.

Pleasant dreams

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Well doesn't it make y'all go crazy???

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Yes, a lot. I fall asleep pretty hard, (20-30 minutes > 2 hours) and usually need to wake up in 6-8 hours. I miss a lot of sleep when i try to fall asleep...

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I refuse to just lay there. I'm well known for making cups of tea at 3am, or sending out work emails in the middle of the night.

Walking the dog at 4am is fairly standard too, on the nights that my son is away.

I try and stay off EP in the middle of the night though.

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sadly........yes....chronic insomniac, every since i stopped drinking

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