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When I log on to the site I look at the main page where they list the movies and all of a suden a soundtrack comes on from an advertisement that is not shown or when I select a movie and click the link and the movie starts playing then the soundtrack starts playing over the movie soundtrack, It's allways some stupid sh*t in the soundtrack like we are the party girls or how to watch live webcames free or make money on the web. I then try to x-out and it leaves the movie page and goes to a similar ad page and I x-out again and the page goes to another ad that I have never subscribed to. There is 3 or 5 of these ad pages hiding behind the movie page and one of them matches the soundtrack playing over the movie. Once I get to my google home page again and re-logon to the movie site and restart the movie it doesn't do it. What is this and how can I stop it? I did a full virus scan with MSE and there is no adware or virus dected???????????
thomasedwin thomasedwin 46-50, M 2 Answers Dec 5, 2012 in Community

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try here

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Re - download the adware? I think that could fix it I have problems with mine too.<br />
<br />
OR <br />
<br />
Try another browser? idk I haven't done any of these I'm just bored/trying to change my sleeping pattern and art thingy too.

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I checked the site online to see if it was actualy safe to watch movies, they all said it was safe to watch movies streaming but never download anything from this site wich I never do. Im not a computer wiz but I can't understand how this is happening when I have no adware. Anyone else have this problem with chanel 1?

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