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Small, child like ones are the ones I would really like to have information on, espacilly older style victorian age kinds. The ones mothers would have and let their little girls looks at but never play with for the fear of it getting broken.
Healy10 Healy10 16-17, F 2 Answers Oct 11, 2012 in Hobbies

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You can purchase the head portions and the arms,legs... and you can purchase them painted or unpainted, and then you add the clothes and attatch all the bits. Usually the bodies are a soft padding and the legs and arms are stitched on..the heads may be glued, or sewn on, depends on the style..Pottery shops have them. Or look on line. You can make your own clay heads, arms, legs, but then you need a mold and away to fire them etc.

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Thanky you very much, I think if I ask a pottery shop owner I would be able to use their over and maybe buy some other matterials. I'll start asking craft stores and pottery shops around about materials and places to fire the finished body and parts. Thankyou very much and I'll be sure to show you the finnished project.

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