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omgseriously omgseriously 36-40, F 4 Answers Mar 30, 2012

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I take 200mg Provigil in the morning. My Psychiatrist said that he could add another 200mg in the afternoon for a total of 400mg.

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Hello!...I take Nuvigil 250 mg daily it is not enough to properly function for me. Im am still batteling daytime sleepiness it comes and goes and makes me a very sleepy employee to have around. I constantly battle to stay awake it sucks but without that Nuvigil I wouldnt even be human. So I am now going to be going back to my Doctor to see what I can take along with the Nuvigil to make my day work for me. I was also taking Effexor XR with the Nuvigil that helped alot with the muscle control but gave me to much eyepressure into blurriness so I am now backing that off and can see alot more clearly these days. Please do tell me about your experiences taking Nuvigil or Provigil.<br />

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I am on a very low dose of Provigil, 100 mg i save them and double them for days when I really need to function. Bad I know. It is a life changing drug. I don't have narcolepsy or shift work I am just damn tired all the time. If given the chance, I could sleep my whole life away. My doc put me on wellbutrin to help support the Provigil. Who knows if it's doing anything, I don't notice much. Thank you so much for answering!!!

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