This is for parents....I know the answer could provoke some guilt, but honestly, do you wish you did things different, and not have kids? Keep in mind, that if you did it differently, you wouldn't realize what you would be missing.
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No, I do not. I sometimes wish I could be a better mother, but wishing I didnĀ“t have my daughter has never crossed my mind.

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Yes. I became a parent at 18. Now i have four. A 19 year old, 18, 12 and 11 year old. I am tired of always giving of ALWAYS putting them first....of losing myself. I love them and resent them....need them and wish they would go away......couldnt live without them but wonder what it would be like on my own.

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Yes all the time, lol. I have six children and there are definite times that I wish I didnt. I like to indulge in the fantasy that I am single and living the easy life all the time. But being a mother I know I could never walk away from them no matter how mad they make me feel. It is like a natural instinct or something. My oldest daughter used to make me crazy, now she is married with a child of her own and we are really really good friends now.

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Yes, right now I hate my children and I wish I was dead

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18 when I got pregnant with the first. Was scared,but never thought about getting an abortion.Even when my ex kept pushing for an abortion,told him to get the hell out,I would never.Was 20 when got pregnant second time.I was a little disheartend,not ready for another and felt guilty for what would happen to my son.But when she came out saw I had a daughter the emotional high was awsome,she was beautiful. 25 I was pregnant with #3.Was very scared in a horrible marriage I wanted out of desperately.Left at 4 months with 2 kids,after he kicked me in the stomach.His birth was bittersweet,as ex and I were in process of divorce.31 I was pregnant with #4. He was NOT supposed to happen.Tryed for 2 yrs,found out current husband only had 10-20% chance of fathering a child. 2 months later SURPRISE. Very difficult pregnancy, almost lost him. He was born with a birth defect, to us he was perfect after all we went thru to get him here.

I love all4 completely with all I am, they have been my life, inspiration, reason to keep fighting, and never give up even when it seem totally dark.

Yes they **** me off,feelings get hurt,we have fights,and I get angry. I frequently will say and why did I have kids. To which I have had some comments that really should not be said to your mom but they make me laugh. For instance I was told once you must like to get freaky you have 4 kids and have been pregnant like 6 times!!

My kids are now 20 sophmore in college who runs cross country,both winter and spring track, maintains a 3.0 GPA and holds a part time job.18 and senior who graduates in--omg like 5 weeks.She and I butt heads all the time. But she is a good person.She is coaching 5-6 grade girls club volleyball,wants to be a teacher. 13 7th grade. He is mom's defender.My football player,built like a lineman the position he plays.Keeps a b average while playing sports every season.My baby is 7 in first grade. You cannot tell there is anything wrong with him. He receives "special ed" services.Played tackle football in the fall, basketball--which is his sport.So the plan is oldest is going to be a lawyer and go into politics with 7 kids,daughter teacher who has joked she is going to marry a DR and have 2 boys and 2 girls,then my nfl player who is going to take care of momma says he will hook me up he plans on about 3-4 kids,then my nba player who I tell remember momma loves you baby

I have had many days I wanted to run away--but I am still here!!

I do not regret,have thought it would have been better if things would have been better for them.But then realize if it had I would not have them!!

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No way, I cherish every moment I have with my kids. I have 4 and a fifth that died at 4 weeks.What could be more important or more fulfilling than a child?

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When I got pregnant the first time, I cried and didn't want the baby, but had her.

When I divorced her dad, I was very glad I had her.

When I got pregnant by a man I didn't love, I cried again, but married him.

When he hurt my daughter, but loved our son, I wished I could disappear and take her with me.

When I had a second son, he was an incredibly easy birth and I figured he'd be my friend forever.

When my ex took my boys away, I was happy, till I missed them.

When I think about my kids, I have mixed feelings, but I have them, they are my friends. And they love me even if I am crazy.

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Absolutely, there are days I wish I didnt! They fight, fuss and drive me crazy. I'd be lying if I said anything different. Obviously I love them both but the thought of having no kids crosses my ming every now and then.

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NO!!!!.........They are the 4 great people in my life!

Without them, Life wouldn't be worth living!

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there are days when i definitely wish that. obviously i love my daughter, but....yeah that thought has crossed my mind a time or two

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