I tend to obsess on everything terribly. How can I train my mind to stop obsessing? Does everyone have things they obsess over? Is it simply a human condition we cannot truly escape? I think some are just better at keeping it to themselves and acting nonchalant when things get to them.
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In 'Order' I find peace in a world full of chaos...

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I don't know why, but I think most people obsess. That is why there are so many addictions. The world has become uncomfortable for most people because of the money, power, land hogging few thanks to synthetic garbage disguised as food, scams disguised as investments, slavery disguised as independence, etc... What else is there left for the rest to do besides do drugs, drink, overeat, etc. when there is so much imbalance?

When someone who has money decides that they "need" a $10,000 handbag, doesn't that mean that they have too much money? Yeah, they will argue that they worked really hard. Yeah right. They worked sooooooo hard to make those millions and billions. Most worked really really hard at kissing ***. It's a disgrace. There are plenty of talented, intelligent people in the world that work just as hard - but they get bypassed because of their refusal to kiss butt. That is the truth that is is killing everyone else.

It's the truth that is killing everyone who either can't or refuse to get sucked into their corrupt circles.

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I obsess over things here's a list:

Loki/Tom Hiddleson.



RP email.


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