I did accidently.
AlbertWesker AlbertWesker 26-30, T 7 Answers Feb 15, 2011

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Yes it does. You eye feels chiili FOR EVER !!

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Wouldn't try it.

Flush immediately with copious amounts of water or saline for at least 10 minutes and get to the hospital.

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Most likley not but I would wash your eyes out with lots of water:)

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Pssh, probably not. I got hair bleach in my eyes and I can still see.

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Er..why do you want to know this? I jope you don't try it. You should to the hospital and have it flushed immediatly, if this ever happens. I knew a girl who had catsup in her eye, and now she can't see that well.

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No, Try cutting up Jalapeno Peppers,

forgetting to wash your hands,

Then pulling out your Fire Hose

to take a Leak.

Now thats REAL PAIN! lol

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