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So I think I might like this guy, he's 2 grades lower then me I'm a senior graduating in like 2 weeks but I have him for one class.. And I feel like we have this connection. We hardly talk just because I'm shy and well he becomes sorta nervous now when I look at him or am near. If we're walking past each other on our way to class and our eyes meet I see that he gets super nervous and he just looks away. One time he saw me conning his way, I looked at him I the eyes because we'll I want him to say hi. He instead looked to the side suddenly as I looked at him. I'm not hideous to look at so I'm sure that's not the reason why he chooses not to look at me. He sometimes talks I me in class other says he doesn't say anything. He does look at me at lot in class, and I can feel it when I'm not looking at him. He seems to be normal with everyone else but when I'm near or if I'm just sitting alone or not talking to anybody he doesn't really talk to me. What is up?
beautifulsoul8 beautifulsoul8 18-21, F 2 Answers May 14, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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He likes you. A lot. This nervousness is a sign that he is attracted. He may be waiting for you to talk first. Break thru this nervousness on both your parts and talk. Once you do, you may find it easier than you think.

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I want to but I just feel like maybe he thinks I'm full of myself or I'm not a sincere person, I overthink things. But because I his lack of discomunication, I feel as if he is just not interested, somedays he even pretends like he doesn't care if I'm around or near. I feel like ha pretending to not care, but then I think what if he just doesn't like me as a person.? I mean not everyone is guns like you as a person even if your pretty, right? Although I don't feel as though I have given him any reason to make him feel that? Idk but it's just, I'm left contemplating what it is. Is it that simple? That he's attracted to me? How do I talk to him when I normally dont?

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Yes it's that simple. He likes you a lot.

He's trying to normalize himself when he's around you, so he overcompensates at times (completely ignoring you).

(If he was here asking this question I'd tell him the same thing) You talk to him by going up to him and telling him - very chill, but very honest - that you like him but you're shy and don't know what to talk about when you're around him...and that you're not sure if he feels the same way.

When he manages an affirmative out of his nervous mouth, both of you then talk about how awkward you two are when around each other. The best way to break the ice is to ram it head on lol

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