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I have a crush on this guy, I have known him for 2 years. Always kept it to myself as i didn't want to ruin our friendship, but a few months ago everything changed. I got bit drunk and started talking to his best friend about him, and he told me that if i'm looking for a bit of fun to go for it but if not no as he's not looking for anything serious! For me that had only one meaning he didn't like me! And i'm not the type of girl that would just have a bit of fun even if i like the guy...Anyways recently i found out that every time we're out together he's always look at me when i'm dancing and stuff like that, what does that mean? Am i reading into it too much? Arghhh... we almost kissed a few times, he keeps on showing pictures of other girls and asking me what i think, is that normal?? A couple of days ago we went out together and we were both drunk and i told him how i felt, he told me he knew we had a great time, we been texting but the convo are 'dry'....i'm so confused and feedup!
catsize catsize 18-21, F 1 Answer Jan 23, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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Oh honey. Just ask him and get it out of the way. Good luck

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I wish it was that easy!! and being shy doesn't help! :( thank you

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Take a deep breath and go for it. The rush you'll feel will be worth the experience. It's easier said than done I know. I've been there and I got rejected. It was in high school I was 17. But it was such a rush leading up to the question that although I felt like a warm bucket of ****, I left feeling like I've just been on a roller coaster ride :)

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