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I was laughing at my weird classmate. Because watever he says makes me laugh because he always sounds sooooo weird! I can't help it. I was laughing quietly, I didn't attract attention from those around me. But then this guy who was farther away from me than those "around" me turned to look at me for a few seconds. Do you think that he thinks I'm crazy? He had like a half smile on his face or like he was smiling while thinking. Its the same face I saw when he was looking at me when I was laughing before (but this time for a valid reason, and I wasnt the only one laughing).
sydneycarton sydneycarton 18-21 6 Answers Jan 18, 2009

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maybe but why 'crazy' before anything else? he probably likes your laugh, or your sense of humour, or any number of things... what you descibe there is not exactly what most people would have down as 'crazy behaviour' i'm fairly sure ;)

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I don't know if he thinks you're crazy, only that I do.

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It sounds as though maybe you should ask yourself that question.

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