Yeah right. dragons are gigantic sea serpents bigger than freakin blue whales yet we have no fossil or carcass evidence or even a clear photo .. also reptiles do not undulate up and down . cryptomundo is a cool site for laughs though . I\'m sure they think Pikachu is a cryptid.. what the eff is wrong with cryptozoologists basement geeks pretending to be scientists obsessed with sea serpents and drunk/insane people hallucinating thinking theyve saw them
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If you claim something is real then there'll always be others who claim to have seen it. Whether it's gods, ghosts, vampires, werewolves or whatever. Our brains are very good at perceiving the world in such a way as to confirm our beliefs. If we believe in something it's highly likely we'll see it or feel it or hear it at some stage. We'll definitely perceive the world in such a way that confirms our beliefs. Facts have nothing to with it.

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