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Isn't it interesting that we imagine heaven having the same amount of gravity that we have on earth? ... That we would breathe the same atmosphere that we have on earth? ... That we see only the people who have died before us, that we know? ... That we imagine it's always daylight? .... that we never need to sleep? ... That our dead pets are with us??? ... That our earthly deceased enemies never confound us? ... That all of the people we see are of our own race/demographics? ... That there are no language barriers??? ... that there is no over-population? ... that there are no heavenly gang wars??? ... that there are no heavenly turf wars??? ... That all of our needs (whatever we consider to be most important) are fulfilled??

All of this sounds to me is that heaven is what we make of it in our own heads, and that it coincides with our own World Views.



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sometimes yeah it does..but sometimes i think that heaven is so close. i guess i will never know 'till I'm there!

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ohh its from the offspring song im listening to

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