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to some extent in the western world as people generally only care about their friends and families,

and care little for man in streets or the garden variety outcasts of todays society.

that being said , you should only hope you never have to spend your life in the backward African

justice system.......(warning!!!, major graphic content...viewers discretion advised)....

you tell me..!

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Of course it has been that way for years. Even before we were here. It is about money,power,status. People know the right thing to do but they won't do it because they want to belong to a group. It talks about that in the New Testament in John. The Jew priest believed that Jesus was who He said he was but they wouldn't dare say anything or do the right thing because they didn't want to get kicked out of the temple or amongst there friends and their seats. Their high seats. the position. Money can be evil. Thoughts can be evil. That's why God says what is in your heart is what you think and then what you will do and what you will become. It is a material world. That song Little Kim would say money power respect. So backwards. What about character and integrity.

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Society had compassion? Why do people sugar-coat the past... The past was just as sh*tty as it is today. In many ways it was worse. I think people are just made more aware of all the horrible things in the world, whereas back then most were completely ignorant of it.

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seems like it, people tend to be more selfish as technology advances. I'm a hypocrite when it comes to compassion, but right now I'm sponsoring a child, and saving money not for my future but I'm looking to build an orphanage, or a soup kitchen or something that will help people for a good cause, somewhere not here. One thing I found out, is that here in the developed nations, people are rich with money and not with love, while in the developing nations, they are rich with love, with all the sharing, caring and believing, they don't care too much about money, they are happy as long as they live peacefully without having to worry about being luxurious :)

Don't get me wrong, I'm a dreamer, you can say that I'm a long way to go, but I'm trying to make a difference, and I'm not bashing the 1st world nations, I'm just stating some facts, hope you find some answers to your question :)

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