We have been divorced for almost 23 years. He will be 62 this July. He told me he had applied online, and it did ask for the former spouse's social security number. Is this a new requirement? I use my last 4 digits of my social security number as passcodes for various things. If he has my social security number he will have access to my passcodes!! I told him to give my name and address and that they could look me up. I have a most unusual name anyway. What should I do? I am only 59, I will not be 62 until September 2011. .I live comfortably off my investments. He and I were married over 10 years by the way.
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If your that uncomfortable giving him that information contact Social Security and ask them if it's needed. If it is then see if it's possible for you to supply them with your personal information and not give it to your ex husband.

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No, he does not need your social security number. Do not give it out. You are divorced and there is no reason for him to need your social security number. When a person applies for disability or reaches the age of retiremen and are single or divorced the allotment a person receives is soley based on the amount contributed into the system all the years worked. It doesn't have anything to do with you even though you used to be married.

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I think he may actually be correct in asking for this. When I applied for my disabilityand social security, I had to give my ex's information b/c I am due payment for the 11 yrs we were married off his. However, I did not know his #. So I gave them his full name and birthdate, and they were able to check that. So just tell him that they can get this info with your full name and birthdate, and the dates you were married. I would change all my passwords anyway, those are not good choices, neither are birthdays.

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He may be trying to collect off of yours...if you maybe made more than he did.

Go to, and check.

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Okay, first thats a highly unsafe passcode.

Go through everything you have it added as and change that.

Then call the social security office and ask them what does he require.

Go from there..

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Don't give anyone your ss#! No he doesn't need it. I think telling him to have them contact you was very smart.

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I would think NOT!!

ASK at your Social Security Office!....TODAY!

...I would be very CAREFUL!!

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