just a little insecure about the stories
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It should read "Do my stories sound stupid" & the answer is No.

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No they don't. I read 4 or 5 and they were very short. More like questions. Maybe you could try writing what you think about certain things? Don't worry if some bobo writes back some negative comments, that's probably more about them than you.

I think a lot of people find EP and like it because it is anonymous, and safe to a certain degree. You can be yourself and express your inner feelings and others will feel connected to you because you share thoughts ideas and experiences. I know that's been the case with me :-)

I wrote and deleted a few stories when I first joined and I've had a few cranky comments, but hey! I'll never see that person when I'm grocery shopping and even if I did I wouldn't know who they were and vice versa!!

Good Luck & Safe Journey


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thank U

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You are very welcome. And I am glad you are here and asking he questions you're asking. ;-)

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