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mrgedu13 mrgedu13 31-35, M 2 Answers Apr 18, 2012

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Both, I think! Having a religion as a guide in your life can help you live a better life, be a better person.. long as it's not Satan Worshiping I would imagine lol <br />
Then again.. for all I know even That kind of religion could make you a better person somehow & improve the quality of your life :/ <br />
Of course, depending on the Person, not necessarily the Religion.. the opposite could be true in both cases as well. The person who believes they've found the right religion for themselves forgetting the humility, charity, kindness, caring & patience that Should accompany this, in my opinion can actually help contribute to their becoming Less of a good person :(<br />
For me, personally? I believe my religion helps make me a better person, I know it does in fact. There have been many More mistakes I could have made, Would have made in my life if not for such guidance :) <br />
But everybody's different..

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Are there no inherently good people out there? Why does everyone say religion "makes" them good? Would you be a bad person otherwise? I think I struggle with this notion more than anything. I would like to think good people make good choices for to good of there fellow community member.

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Ohhhh is THAT what you wanted to know, dear! I gotcha now ;) Oh yes, I know there are inherently good people in the world because I've met quite a few in my lifetime. And I apologize if I didn't state this before, but I don't believe religion "makes" ANYBODY a good person! Sure as heck hasn't done that for me. But as previously stated above - I Do believe it can help you Be a better person.. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have used "make" in that sentence before! And I should have said I don't mean better than others, I simply mean better at making good choices in your life, from not stealing to treating people with kindness &amp; accepting them for who they are. I think it should be clear to everyone that just because you are not a religious person, you're a bad person since I think we've all seen how good people simply make good choices for the good of everyone, no matter what, if any, religion exists in their life.
I certainly understand struggling with this one, as I have myself! But think of it another way - how many serial killers, rapists, murderers, thieves, etc belong to a religion.. went to religious services of some kind even! Yet, they still made those choices in their lives. Proof religon doesn't "make" us good, since most would call those people "bad". But by the same token, you hear about complete strangers risking their lives to help another yet they do not practice any type of religion! The choices we make in life can be shaped by religion or a lack there of, but ultimately? It is our own free WILL that guides our actions, sometimes sadly, to the detriment of others.

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Please add me, I would like to get to know you better.:)

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lol Guess that means ya liked my second answer ? ;) Since you asked so nicely, its done :)

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